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Author Tom Banks talks about his new book!

Author Tom Banks talks to Alex about his new book ‘The Great Galloon and the Pirate Queen’. They also play a round of Millionaire Shortbread Drop!

Marcus Butler talks about his new book ‘Hello Life!’

Carina Axelsson chats about her Model Undercover Books!

Carina Axelsson chats to Dan about what she loves about England, fasion and they discuss her new Model Undercover book!

Aston Merrygold chats about his single ‘Get Stupid’

Aston Merrygold chats to Bex from The Club about his debut solo single ‘Get Stupid’ and life after JLS.

Robot chats to Ella Eyre at Thorpe Park!

David O’Doherty chats about his book ‘Danger Is STILL Everywhere’

David O’Doherty catches up with Bex from The Club and they talk about his new book ‘Danger Is STILL Everywhere’. They talk about the dangers of toilets, bus stops, high fives and beds!

Shane Hegarty discusses his new Darkmouth book ‘Worlds Explode’

Shane Hegarty talks to Dan about his new book in the Darkmouth series ‘Worlds Explode’. They also play a game of Monster Mix and Match.

Only The Young in the studio!

Only The Young chat to Sean about their new single and their experience playing Forfeit Mario Kart!
Check out the video of Forfeit Mario Kart here

Bex Interviews Kirsty Gallacher

Listen back to Bex chatting with TV presenter Kirsty Gallacher about all things gunge and slime, and find out all about what happened when Kirsty got gunged for Red Nose Day!