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Join the team behind The Week Junior and Bex from Fun Kids to find out about the week's news.

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Mr. Pickles the Tortoise and a debate about the monarchy

This week we’ll be talking about the Women’s Six Nations rugby tournament, we’ll be  finding out about a VERY special tortoise called Mr. Pickles (what a great name!) and we’ll be debating whether the UK should get rid of royalty?See…

76 year old James Bond and a debate about remaking animated movies!

This week we hear some great stories about how people in Cardiff are helping others in need, we hear more about the dog between dogs and humans and learn about some 300 year old clocks!See for privacy information.

Improving Sport for Girls and Solving a Sea Monster myth?

This week on The Week Junior, Flora busts an ancient sea monster myth by telling us all about a whale feeding technique, and we also hear about what’s being done to improve sporting opportunities for girls. See for privacy infor…

Max Woosey’s Charity Challenge and an Exclamation Mark Debate

The Week Junior crew tell us all about Max Woosey’s amazing charity challenge, we have a debate about exclamation marks. We also hear about a campaign to increase the number of female authored books that are studied within the GCSE curriculum.  See omn…

Vegetable Shortages and a debate about Roald Dahl

This week on the Week Junior we hear all about why a vegetable shortage has hit our supermarkets and we have a big debate on whether Roald Dahl’s books should be changed.See for privacy information.

Free School Meals and A Creme Egg fiend?

The Week Junior team tell you all about Rishi Sunak’s plan to give all London pupils free school meals and in real or rubbish, we hear all about a Creme egg mystery! See for privacy information.

The Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

The Week Junior give an update on the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria and tell you about some of the local rescuers that have helped with the disaster. Also are pigeons smarter than we think? We find out in Real or Rubbish! See…

Amazing women in scientists and Secrets of Mummification!

This week we hear about some of the most influential women in science plus hear about some ancient secrets of mummification! There is also a debate on whether parents shouting on the sidelines should be allowed.See for privacy i…

A debate about the Prime Energy Drink

It’s another fun packed show with the team from The Week Junior, where we discuss whether shops should name their own price for the Prime Energy Drink. Plus are scientists PAYING people to eat cheese before bed? See for privacy …