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Book Awards and Gene Edited Food!

This Week, we talk about some very exciting book awards, why people see colours differently and whether people should eat gene edited food!See for privacy information.

Noisy frogs and extra hard SATS!

This week we’re talking about ways to stop worrying, finding out the winners of the British book awards and also debating whether grey squirrels should be on the menu!See for privacy information.

The King’s Coronation!

This week we’re going to be talking about the UK’s first coronation in 70 years as King Charles III was crowned! In the big debate this week we discuss whether cats should be kept indoors!See for privacy information.

The Crown Jewels and Swimming Schemes

We discuss the crown jewels in preparation for the coronation of King Charles III, We find out about a new scheme to get children swimming and having a debate on whether we should stop sending cards and letters!See for privacy i…

Why has the Deputy Prime Minister stepped down?

This week we’re discussing why the Deputy Prime Minister, Dominic Raab has stepped down, how pupils in Spain helped design their school buildings and having a big debate on whether there should be more bank holidays!See for priv…

Earth Day and The King’s Pants

This week, we’ll be discovering what we can do to help protect the planet, we’re learning about the kings pants, and we have a big debate about the House of Lords!See for privacy information.

Can plants tell us when they’re thirsty?

This week on The Week Junior Show, we’ll be talking about how you can express yourself and find your voice, how plants can let us know whether they are stressed and in today’s big debate we’ll be discussing whether it’s better to write or type?See omny…

Which Star Wars Character is helping out in Ukraine?

This week we’ll be talking about hwo young people are spending their time online, how a star wars character is helping people in Ukraine and having a big debate about the Octopus!See for privacy information.

Mr. Pickles the Tortoise and a debate about the monarchy

This week we’ll be talking about the Women’s Six Nations rugby tournament, we’ll be┬á finding out about a VERY special tortoise called Mr. Pickles (what a great name!) and we’ll be debating whether the UK should get rid of royalty?See…