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King Frank and the Knights of the Eco Quest

The story is all set in a strange kingdom where the royal family and its subjects still live as if they were in the times of knights, quests, princesses and monsters but are becoming buried in their own piles of rubbish and waste!

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The Old Man in the Boat

The Old Man in the Boat is a podcast about an old man... in a boat. 

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TIGEROPOLIS is an untold tale from the jungle that children of all ages can enjoy!

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School friends Morgana and Alfie are looking into a notorious cold case: the mysterious disappearance of local eccentric Odd Colin from their Lancashire town in 1972.

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Mysteries of Science

The team behind The Week Junior's Science+Nature magazine investigate unexplained phenomenon with the help of expert guests.

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In The Beginning

Hosted ByHawa

Creation stories from around the world, dramatised for radio. An immersive audio adventure back to the beginning time…

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Sean & Robot’s Comedy Circuit

Hosted BySean & Robot

Welcome to the world of Sean and Robot – a human and a robot who live in a house together.

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Thunderbirds Are Go

Hosted ByDan Simpson

Find out all about the ExoMars Mission, what’s so exciting about going to Mars, and what scientists are looking for on Mars with the help of Brains and Kayo from International Rescue!

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Sports Squad

Hosted ByAyo Akinwolere & Chanel Kakareko

The sports show for kids!

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The Space Programme

Hosted BySpace Programme

A drama serial with a rocket launch and perhaps the first child astronauts.

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Age of the Dinosaurs

Hosted ByFun Kids Team

Travel back in time to 145 million years ago and discover what life was like when dinosaurs roamed the Earth...

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Kids in the Past

Hosted ByBex and Dan

Listen to the diary entries of Edward Hampton and discover what life was like between 1914 and 1918. What subjects were taught at school, what could people do for entertainment and how did children help with the war effort?

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Locked Up in the Tower of London

Hosted ByAnnabel

Annabel's uncle is a Beefeater, one of the special Yeoman Warders at the Tower of London! He’s always telling her about the famous prisoners the Tower of London has held over the years so she's taking us on a tour to check the place out for ourselves!

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Deep Space High

Hosted ByProfessor Pulsar

It's the podcast about an intergalactic school in space! Join your schoolmates - aliens, robots and humans - as we explore the universe!

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Professor Hallux

Hosted ByProfessor Hallux

Learn about the human body with Professor Hallux and Nurse Nanobot! From happy hearts to extraordinary eyes, brilliant brains to gruesome germs...

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Activity Quest

Hosted ByBex & Conor

Activity Quest tells you think that kids and adults can do!

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My Life

'My Life’ is about the lives of children from around the UK, told in their own words.

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Fun Kids Meets

Hosted ByFun Kids Team

Listen to the podcast with all the best interviews - pop stars, gamers, authors and more...

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Stream It

Hosted ByConor & Robyn

Conor and Robyn sit down with some of the biggest celebs ever to chat about films, TV shows and what's on the streaming services

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The Week Junior Show

Hosted ByBex Lindsay

Join the team behind The Week Junior and Bex from Fun Kids to find out about the week's news.

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